Let’s move your business performance together on the Internet and get real results

Alliance Bambou web agency is the ideal web partner to carry out your web design project and help you start or improve the performance of your business, business or SME on the Internet.

At Alliance Bambou we make beautiful websites that look professional, but our specialty is to ring your business phone, to generate many quality leads for your business, business or SME.

Each company is different in size, objectives and budget. That’s why we do not offer a solution modeled on one customer for another. On the contrary, we only offer tailor-made solutions. Our know-how is at the service of your needs in respect of your budget always having in the viewfinder the best price / quality ratio of the market.

The creation of a website combines Website Design, performance, user experience and security. For this alchemy to work our agency has web designers, integrators and programmers working together to bring your online identity to life.

Discover our various sections:

  1. Premium website design at a good price
  2. Site that adapts to mobile devices
  3. Choice of trendy or custom web design
  4. Competent and effective web programmers
  5. Profitable ecommerce website design
  6. Hosting on a powerful server
  7. Avoid creative help software
  8. Efficient adwords campaign management
  9. Effective and fast web referencing

Is your site ready for mobile evolution? More and more people are using their smartphones to browse the internet most of the time, so your website needs to adapt to different mobile devices. Otherwise, you lose sales right now.

An adaptive design “responsive design” allows a better navigation because it is not necessary to enlarge and shrink the surface with the fingers to read the text and click on the buttons. A good website definition is described here on this portal.


Our approach to website design will allow you to have a wide selection of graphic designs, which are very trendy at the moment and will last a long time, specially pre-selected for you so that you can visualize in advance what the development might look like. of your website once online.

If you do not have a logo yet, our web designer can create one for you and present you with up to 5 different versions of your future logo. Note that we also offer the branding service, to rethink your brand image and see the creation of custom graphics templates to create your website.

In addition, if you do not have any images and / or text content, please note that we also offer the professional quality search, preselection and proposal service as well as the writing, editing and translation service of text content.


From programming static, dynamic and interactive elements to more complex features, on the WordPress content management platform, or programming a custom CMS custom content management panel, our experienced programmers will take care of code lines are leaner, load pages quickly, and make all the changes you need to get your website done the job you want.

Our programmers master perfectly several programming languages, including HTML, CSS, PHP and several software and use the best tools. They are efficient, fast and pay special attention to the small details that often make all the difference. In addition, a web strategist will join his knowledge to supervise the work and manage the project.

Our team of programmers and web integrators can carry out the following projects:

• Design of websites that adapt to all mobile devices;
• Web design on the WordPress platform that allows you to modify the content of your site;
• Creating a very user-friendly personalized content management panel;
• Creation of a website for ecommerce on the Magento or WooCommerce platform;
• Programming an administration panel to manage certain activities;
• Programming of complex features;


You have a new product that you would like to launch on the web or a new concept of online store or you already have a transactional website and you would like to evolve it, we have the necessary specialists in our team.