Investing in the real estate sector is a decision that must be consciously considered in order to make the investment as successful and profitable as possible. It is important to know and study the sector in depth and have a professional who, thanks to his experience, can advise us before making a decision so that we do not make mistakes.

Given that the real estate activity has grown again in Spain in the first 6 months of 2016, now can be a good time to invest in the sector Houston house buyers. Therefore, Investment Properties has prepared the keys to invest in the real estate sector in a profitable and successful way:


  1. Previously analyze the type of investment you want to make and what capital is available. It is not the same to invest to rent as to invest to sell in a certain period or to do it with little capital or with a lot of capital. These are two important factors to consider before investing.
  2. Invest accompanied always by a good professional who advise us and who knows the market perfectly. An experienced specialist behind his back knows the demand in different areas, something that will be decisive to make the right decision.
  3. Find a correct relation price-location-state of conservation. It is very important to study the property in an objective and exhaustive way to achieve a profitable investment. Not always the cheapest is the best, but we must also look at the situation and the conservation of the farm.
  4. Take into account the maintenance costs inherent to the property or the improvements that should or may be made on it.
  5. Invest in a project that is transparent. transparency is an indispensable and non-negotiable point: The investor must always know the status of the project, controlling and participating in it from the beginning to the end.

Thanks to the extensive experience of Mercedes Balnco and Jordi Brun, founding partners,  Investment Properties is a real estate investment channel that can achieve high returns for its investors and is the best expert to go to invest in the real estate sector.