Things not to keep in a storage unit

Storage units have a wide array of uses for businesses and private individuals, and at some point or other everyone will find it useful to take advantage of their services. You will find the staff at these places are generally helpful and will do everything they can to accommodate you and your possessions, but there are exceptions. Some of these exceptions might seem pretty obvious if you even take a moment to think about it; yet, if you ask anyone who works in self storage they’ll tell you that they’ve have had to turn away customers for attempting to store at least one of these forbidden items.SUPER 123 BOLTLESS SHELVING


Yep, the truth is storage units are simply not a good place to keep food, or for that matter, anything perishable. Food is usually banned from self storage units not just because of the fear you’ll forget about it and come back in six months to find your load of bread is now three times bigger and bright blue, it’s also because all that food looks like an all-you-can-eat buffet to rats, mice and other pests who might be passing through the neighbourhood.


We’re talking about a small, dark, locked room. If you’re a sofa, then that’s fine. If you’re in any way a living thing then it’s not nice at all. There are pounds for cats and dogs, and friends who can look after your pet hamster. There’s no good reason for keeping an animal in a storage unit, it’s cruel and illegal.


This is one that might seem self explanatory, except that if you work in self storage you seem to keep having to explain it to people. Your fireworks or tanks of old petrol will need to be stored somewhere else. The self storage place you want to use is also used by plenty of other people who don’t want their possessions to explode, and more to the point, the chances are there insurance doesn’t cover large collections of flammable liquids and explosives.

That about covers it, although it should go without saying that if what you want to store is illegal, it’s also illegal to store it in a self storage unit. Aside from that, feel free to store whatever you like.RETAIL SHELVING