testosterone levels

Testosterone, how to increase your levels naturally

If your sexual desire has decreased, or you want to improve your muscle mass and avoid tummy, increasing testosterone levels is an option that every day more men resort to Nugenix. We explain how to achieve it.

How to improve testosterone levels

The growing interest in well-being means that every day new alternatives are sought to combat the problems of low testosterone production. In the first place, a solution would be to use medication , for which the prior approval of a doctor is necessary, which will assess the possible risks. Usually two different methods are used: patches and gels that release testosterone,  and that are used daily, or intramuscular injections , which have an application more distanced in time (even quarterly).

Another option is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, for which you should do physical exercise to avoid overweight, which causes propensity to have low testosterone levels; In addition, performing both aerobic and anaerobic exercise helps stimulate the production of this hormone. It is advisable to sleep around eight hours a day to encourage the body to produce more testosterone, as well as to control stress.

In addition, food habits must be monitored. Among the most suitable foods to stimulate the production of testosterone include:

  • Foods with a high protein content: including low fat meat (especially loin pork and ham), soy , dairy , cod, peanuts, tuna , peas.
  • Foods rich in zinc: those with the greatest contribution of this nutrient are chocolate, watermelon seeds, spinach, lamb, oysters, pumpkin, mushrooms, and mushrooms.
  • Products with a lot of vitamin D: like cereals, bread, salmon, mackerel, canned sardines, eggs.
  • Other very suitable foods are beans for their amount of D-aspartic acid; the garlic, which stimulates the production of testosterone; the coffee, Brazil nuts, almonds, or cruciferous vegetables, because it contains indole-3-carbinol (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage,); or the grapes, because they contain resveratrol.

Finally, it is possible to resort to supplementation, which is the most convenient way to take adequate amounts of different substances that help stimulate the production of testosterone, and for which you should also consult with a good specialist in advance what is the most suitable for your case, it’s possible contraindications, and its proper use. Among the most appropriate for this we find:

  • D-aspartic acid: releases hormones such as luteinizing and growth hormone. In addition, it works on the testicles, where it helps the synthesis of testosterone.
  • Maca andina: the root of maca is considered not only a powerful aphrodisiac , but also increases the production of sperm, helps to avoid prostatic hypertrophy, protects the brain, improves bone health, and enhances cognitive ability.
  • Ashwagandha: a plant that acts as an anabolic . It helps increase testosterone levels up to 15%, depending on the person.
  • Akarkara or Anacyclus pyrethrum: is an herb that helps improve fertility, virility, and libido. On the other hand, it has functions that help combat memory problems, and it is anticonvulsive.
  • Vitamin D: not only increases testosterone levels, also helps the immune system and bone, and reduces the risk of cancer and coronary heart disease, as well as diabetes and sclerosis.
  • Zinc: among its most important functions is the healing of wounds and the production of sperm and testosterone.
  • Magnesium: necessary to participate in the metabolism and the formation of the bone system, and helps in the synthesis of testosterone.
  • Fenugreek: This herb is used for the body, endogamous way, to produce testosterone. On the other hand, it helps to alleviate problems such as diabetes.
  • Avena sativa: tries to promote sexual resistance by giving more energy and helping to produce testosterone.
  • Saw Palmetto: is a mixture of fatty acids that prevent testosterone from turning into DHT (an enzyme that, among other things, is the main culprit in male alopecia ). It is also used in cases of benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Ginger: leads to increased testosterone, and among its digestive benefits is to avoid nausea and facilitate digestion.
  • Hibiscus macranthus: is an herb that helps increase testosterone levels and promotes male fertility.
  • Thistle mushroom or Pleurotus eryngii: this supplement helps increase the amount of the hormone of testosterone and also serves as an antipyretic.
  • Goat grass in heat or Epimedium: used to trigger sexual performance, either by increasing sexual appetite, or fighting against erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation .
  • Tribulus terrestris: helps the secretion of testosterone, and the virility and vitality of man, by increasing libido and the quality of the rigidity of erections.
  • Ecdysteroid: its main functions are to promote muscle development, reduce cholesterol levels and blood glucose, and protect the liver and intestines, increasing the rate of protein synthesis.