testosterone boosters

Tips to increase testosterone naturally

After checking your restlessness to know more about this hormone after having written the first entry of advice to increase testosterone naturally.

  • Add broccoli to your diet. This vegetable contains good amounts of Vitamin A, essential for the production of testosterone and a component called diindolylmethane (DIM) that prevents the transformation of testosterone into estrogen testosterone boosters.
  • A good bath of hot water with a good orange juice. Stress causes us to secrete the dreaded cortisol, a hormone that reduces our testosterone levels. It is proven that a good bath with hot water reduces stress and a good amount of Vitamin C reduces cortisol , therefore this is the perfect combination.
  • Sprinkle your meals with wheat germ. It is the most nutritious part of wheat grain and contains high amounts of zinc, responsible for converting estrogen to testosterone and prevents the enzyme aromatase from acting. So, go to the supermarket and flood the cereals, the salads and the wheat germ yogurts.
  • Weight training, in the afternoon. It is demonstrated that the performance of heavy loads in the afternoon, makes the testosterone levels more stable and higher throughout the day than the athletes who trained in the morning.

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testosterone boosters

12 tips to boost testosterone production and maximize muscle growth

When your personal goal and to stimulate muscle growth, you need to consider different factors. This does not only concern the intensity of your workouts but also the feeding, the taking of supplements and the rest time. It is important to point out that there is another element that will determine the amount of muscle that you will be able to create: the natural levels of testosterone present in the body.

Testosterone is produced by the body and is one of the essential hormones for muscle growth. It is able to increase strength, protein synthesis, performance, lower bad cholesterol levels and improve mood, thanks to a series of biochemical reactions testosterone boosters.

The male body is able to produce about 10mg of testosterone a day. As for the female organism, it produces, on average, 0.25 to 1 mg of testosterone per day. However, with age, it is normal that the release of this hormone is not as constant as between 18 and 35 years.


  1. Avoid excess aerobic workouts. Do short workouts but high intensity. Indeed, they bring more benefits and increase the production of testosterone.
  2. Train intensively. If you want to have meaningful results, you need to be able to go beyond your limits. The greater the effort, the more you will be able to provide testosterone to your body.
  3. Put on weight. A good way to stimulate testosterone production is to use heavier weights and to do little repetition. Some studies say that you have to use 85% of your heaviest load.
  4. Focus on compound exercises. Make compound exercises the basis of your workouts: squats, bench presses, curl bars, pumps and slits.
  5. Do not exercise in excess. Sleep enough to recover and avoid overtraining. Overtraining can decrease testosterone levels by 40%. If you need it, take a break of one to two weeks. Lack of sleep promotes the release of cortisol, a catabolic hormone that lowers testosterone levels.
  6. Eat healthy, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (omega-3 and omega-6). They are present in foods such as: peanuts, walnuts, almonds, avocado, fish, oils, vinegar and canola.
  7. Consume vitamin C. This vitamin is able to control cortisol levels. It is present in the following foods: lemon, orange, passion fruit, strawberry and tomato.
  8. Consume sufficient amounts of Zinc. The deficiency of this mineral makes it difficult to release testosterone. If she is not free in the blood stream, she will not be able to perform her duties, such as muscle anabolism for example. You can find this mineral in: nuts, chestnuts, meats, salmon and liver.
  9. Increase your consumption of vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, turnip, Brussels sprouts and radish. These vegetables stimulate the decrease of estrogen levels while increasing testosterone.
  10. To increase testosterone levels and build muscle, you have to consume protein. You must consume a quantity of protein proportional to your weight and, preferably, a quality protein. Learn to choose the best protein Whey to increase muscle mass.
  11. Avoid alcohol consumption. Alcohol has a negative influence on testosterone levels. So drink with moderation.
  12. Reduce stress. Too much stress stimulates the release of Cortisol. Practice physical and emotional relaxation (massage, acupuncture, yoga).

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Essential Motives and Reasons to Use the Testosterone Boosters

Any deficiency or shortage in testosterone hormones may result in big problems, especially in the men. The sexual organs and reproductive systems of the men are totally dependent on the testosterone hormones. So, if you have any problem with these hormones, then it will be more critical for your reproduction power. Today, many pharmaceutical companies in the world have introduced the best and most effective Testosterone boosters that work fast and deliver expected outcomes within a short course of time. There are many purposes and reasons to use these types of the supplements. Initially, the doctors and health professional suggest such boosters maintain the energy level in the body. However, the basic reason to use the testosterone supplements is to treat erectile dysfunction that is becoming more common sex disorder in the men.

First of all, these testosterone supplements aim to boost the energy level, metabolism, and erection. Secondly, the most youngsters and the men love to these products for weight loss purposes because these supplements are extraordinary solutions of the fats and excessive body mass. If you study the honest, accurate and 100% original Testosterone booster reviews, you will come to know these supplements can tear the fats into smaller pieces and discharge them from the body with the passage of time. Further, many top testosterone supplements are also used as the alternatives of steroids. The body builders always rely on these supplements rather than the risky steroids. Testosterone booster can also maximize the production of Human Growth Hormones (HGH), nitric oxide and HCG diet.

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Health Features and Benefits of Taking the Testosterone Boosters

The testosterone hormones are extremely important, useful and beneficial for the overall health of the men. If anyone suffers from the shortage of these hormones, then he will have mighty problems with the reproductive system and erection of the penis. Usually, these medical conditions are recoverable, but these will take more time to be recovered if you get little late. Nowadays, there are large numbers of the best Testosterone boosters that can optimize the energy level, boost the production of testosterone hormones and bring them back to the natural level. These supplements can grow the body hair faster, improve the muscle mass, empower the bones and strengthen the tissues. Of course, the men having male impotence can use these supplements as the best and most effective remedies to cure the erectile dysfunction with maximum possibilities of getting recovered.

You can observe the good improvement in your testis and prostate health. Finally, these high-quality boosters can also enlarge the penis size as well as maximize the erection with greater hardness. The health professionals and the doctors always suggest the people use these supplements after having a deeper look at the Testosterone booster reviews. These informative and reliable reviews will explain the qualities, features, and usefulness of these supplements. If you are going to use these boosters, you must have the proper knowledge and significant information about these supplements. In addition, you should never continue the intake of these testosterone supplements and boosters without the suggestion of a doctor. Finally, you must buy these boosters from trusted, recommended and licensed pharmacies.

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