Search Engine Optimization and its implications

Search engine optimization (SEO) is basically a systematic technique that is used to boost the number of visitors to a particular website in order to achieve the top (or one of the top) ranking position on the ‘click ‘resultant search page (SERP) of world’s top Search Engines that are Google, Yahoo, Binge, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and some others, for an eventual purpose of gaining popularity or business enhancement in order to earn tremendous profits and revenues. There is an exception to it for those NON-PROFIT ORGANISATIONS who work solely for the purpose of services to the humanity.

Very obviously, the website that ranks high on Seach Engines page, will get the preference of visiting by the users of internet to search the result / information of their key word. Very naturally, the users of internet look for their required information on the first or 2nd or at the most, 3rd page of the Search Engine. Normally they get it so. This slow and gradual visit of a website by the user puts the website on the path of high ranking position, organically. Some of the trendy techniques that are used by the intending website holders are the use of ‘keyword’ and their analysis. The other strategies they adopt are: link building, back linking and writing very appealing and just relevant words for the people who visit their website(s).

In short, the true / organic SEO – the Search Engine Optimization is the process that enables the onlookers of certain information to search through various Search Engines like Goggles and YouTube.