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Recommendations for t-shirt design

When we talk specifically about the creation of shirts, it may be that the funniest and most complicated part is the choice of colors, both print and shirts VIsit:

This is the most complex part of the process of creating personalized merchandising because at the moment we visualize it on our monitor, the difference of the colors on the screen with the colors that will finally be printed can be very large, this is something that some people do not They take into consideration, so when it comes to seeing the final result, they usually feel disappointed since the colors on the screen are much brighter.

So broadly computer colors are RGB colors, known as light colors and the vast majority of machines print in CMYK or with PANTONE codes. All of them with differences between them.

In short, our screens emit light, and the shirts do not, to describe it roughly … there is the difference when we see our design on the computer and then embodied in the shirt.

At the time of printing T-shirts, we are very aware of this, so whenever possible we try to recommend the client if it is possible to make their T-shirts with PANTONE colors, since this color card guarantees the accuracy of the color.

But this is not always possible, since PANTONE colors are used in screen printing and this technique is not always used, so we have developed this quick guide to get the best combinations of colors between T-shirt and printed design whatever the technique to make your design stand out

Light colors:

When wearing light-colored shirts, it is important to think about how the shirt would look from a certain distance, not just from close up.

Making prints in light colors may not be the best option if you want your design to stand out on the shirt and stand out in the distance.

If you want to maintain the colors of your design, a quick and effective resource that will help you in a moment is, add a border of a darker color to your design to make it stand out and be more readable.

Dark colors:

If we want our shirts to be a dark color and it is impossible to change the color of the shirt for whatever reason, your design is important to be clearer than the color of the shirt itself.

If you use very clear colors in your design you will get that on the black shirt -for example- the print will stand out in a spectacular way avoiding that the message -design- is lost.

Some of the dark colors most commonly used for t-shirts are black, brown, navy, bottle green and garnet.

About these colors on many occasions, the problem is solved by manipulating the image from an editing program such as Photoshop, using the levels to clarify the design a bit and make your shirt and design 100% visible!

At Garment Printing, we are experts in printing and design, so if at some point we see that your design may not be the most suitable for the garment you have chosen, we will advise you to obtain the best result.

One of the markets that we have very much in mind when checking that the design is correct, is the market for the creation of t-shirts for the merchandising of music groups. The reason is that 90% of requests we receive are to print on a black shirt, sometimes with gradients or colors that may not highlight too much on the shirt.

That’s why we offer the client a preview so you can see how the design will look like before printing.

We do not want to ignore the rest of promotional products that we have and specifically one that is currently booming, custom sunglasses. Ideal for summer!

So do not wait any longer and get in touch with us and a member of our team of experts will help you at all times and recommend you the best to get the best results.