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Once you made the decision to sell your property, you are eager to finally conclude the sale! And it’s normal! In the current conjuncture, you can have the ambition to sell in less than 4 months. With Carmen Immobilier, 90% of the assets in mandate Serenity are sold in less than 3 months. So how to sell your house or apartment quickly and efficiently?

You will find here some tips to allow the sale to be made as quickly as possible and in the best conditions sell my house fast houston tx.

1 stage: put on sale when they are ready!

This seems evident saying so but in fact few sellers are. Does your good need small conditioning works? Paint the walls again? Does your home look clean and orderly? Overall, make the list of things to correct by putting yourself in the place of a person who discovers your house or your apartment for the first time!

Do not hesitate to ask for the opinions of your family and friends regarding decoration and possible arrangements, without getting offended by the comments! They are there to help you and what they think; surely potential buyers will think so too. Over time we get used to the small defects of our home.

Small works before the sale

It does not mean launching into a great work but only in a few small readjustments. Know that potential buyers feel (or do not) a crush in the 90 seconds in what follows the discovery of the good!

Accept repaint certain pieces to give a bit of freshness to the place, modify the disadvantageous counterpart of the kitchen; change the damaged screens of the shower, etc.

If you have a pool, it is a great advantage but if it looks dirty and poorly maintained, it can be considered a weak point. Check the state of the garden furniture that is there and fix the storage room. Use a high pressure cleaner around the pool and remove the weeds.

If you sell a house, pay special attention to the “first look” that will condition the rest of the visit. What is the first view a visitor has when he arrives at his house? If it is the garden, cut the grass and the hedge; if it is the facade, fix the oscillating shutters, pass the high pressure cleaner, etc.

Clean and fix

Your potential buyers should imagine living in your home: Help them project! The last thing they want to see is dirty glass, greasy furniture in the kitchen, carpets embedded with powders, stained carpets, blackened joints in the bathroom, etc. On this last point, the buyer may believe that it is due to poor ventilation and then a negative idea of ​​your home will be made.

Put everything in its place: the crockery should be stored, the beds made and the garbage removed to avoid bad odors. Also make space in your cupboards because cabinets that overflow, in the unconscious of the buyer, means that there is not enough storage space!

If you feel stripped of the scope of the task, know that many companies offer cleaning service. The majority will be able to deduct 50% of the cost in the frame of the services at home.

You can also approach a home staging company whose role will be to value your asset to facilitate the sale. For a sometimes moderate cost, you can increase your price of a few thousand euros.

2nd stage: The estimate of the fair price of your house or apartment

Estimating your home or assessing the price of your apartment is not easy.

He likes his home and, like most of the owners, will tend to give him an emotional value that can make him overvalue his price … And it is even more complicated if he also has as a project to buy another good and needs a precise sum to carry out his new project . Know that most of the prices published on the web, even in the windows of certain real estate agencies, are not the actual sale prices.

Houses and apartments at the fair market price are sold on average in less than 3-4 months.

Observe what is done around you

The first thing to do to have a clear idea of ​​the value of your property is to ask around for the sale price of a transaction that was made in your neighborhood. You can also consult on the web the announcements of homes similar to yours: type of housing, neighborhood, surface, number of bathrooms, year of construction, etc. This will give you a price range (+/- 20%) which you can rely on to fix the sale price of your property.

Be vigilant about the date of publication of the property for sale. If it is more than 3 months, it surely means that the price is overvalued.

Numerous individuals, who are not truly sellers, put ads with a significant price online “just in case” they would find a buyer with this price.

Online estimate

Numerous sites of real estate agencies and internet portals propose online estimation tools. Some are profitable but most are free. However, can we trust these online estimation tools? We analyze several results of online estimators and note significant gaps between the estimates but equal to the market price. The estimation of a good is a complicated task that must take into account a multitude of criteria not necessarily taken into account by the estimation tools: the latest transactions, the general state of the building, the trends, etc. In the same place, you can have a sunny apartment and another one with a view over the noisy street. The comparator will not make the difference, your buyer, and yes.

Estimation by a professional of real estate

It is advised to find a real estate professional before launching and take the risk of publishing your ad at an overvalued price. Know that it is common that a good is not sold because of its price too high.

The real estate agent knows perfectly the local market, try to privilege a local agency to work with an agent totally familiar with the neighborhood. As a professional, the latter will provide you with a reliable and free estimate that does not commit you to anything.

The real estate agent can make pertinent recommendations for the revaluation of your house or apartment. It will also tell you if there are many homes for sale in your neighborhood. The competition must also be integrated into the market price. In effect, if there are many apartments for sale in your neighborhood, the buyer will necessarily compare. You will have to make a difference to be chosen.

Well, getting to this point, you should already have a good idea of ​​the final sale price of your good!

3rd stage: the diffusion of its good

Whether you go through a real estate agency or that is responsible only for the sale of your home, you have to pay a particular attention to the creation of your ad: beautiful photos with an attractive advertising text. More details on our page write a good ad.

Make beautiful photos

Do not neglect this stage of the sale of your home. The photos give the first impression to your potential buyers. Wait for a sunny day to take your photos outside but be careful with the backlighting that overshadows the room. Arrange your personal effects and take out your pets. Everything that is too personal can prevent a potential buyer from projecting into your home.

Take well squared photos, better horizontal and of good quality. Do not hesitate to put many photos in your ad, the more there is, the better it is for the buyer who thinks there is no hidden vice.

Carmen immobilier offers its clients salespeople who signed a mandate Serenity of sale of 6 months a photo report made by a professional and the mandatory real estate diagnoses.

Create a good real estate ad to sell

Yes, you can add as many photos as you wish. No, to overload the text of your ad.

Effectively too long a text can discourage potential buyers. The latter analyze so many advertisements when they are searching for the house of their dreams that they tend to read them diagonally in order to get to the essential information quickly. This information has to be exposed from the beginning and not be drowned in a descriptive overload. Be clear, precise and concise. Take care of the title and do not hesitate to be factual. See our tips for writing a good real estate ad to sell fast.

What can also help you sell faster?

Understand seasonality and the calendar

There are more visits and, consequently, more sales in spring and autumn than in summer or winter. In summer, everyone goes on vacation and in the winter the night falls quickly, it is not evident to put in value the luminosity of the pieces when it is night at 5 o’clock. Then try that your good is for sale in spring. But watch out for the presidential election years. These years, we observe a decline in transactions that is linked to the expectation of eventual fiscal reforms. It is better than to try to sell before.