How to Get Rid of Moles on Your Body

Learning how to get rid of moles on your body is possible and it can be done with natural products. Nowadays people are starting to try out home remedies instead of pumping their bodies full of pills and other chemicals. I feel that this is a good trend.

I will outline a small selection of natural ways to fade away your mole on neck meaning that you can actually perform in the comfort and in the privacy of your home.

  1. Using onion juice to break down your body moles:

You can either purchase onion juice at your local health food store or you can make your own juice. To make your own juice, cut an onion with a small knife into tiny chunks and blend the pieces together in a blender. Add the resulting juice to the surface of your moles and leave it on for a period of a few hours.

You should add a bandage to each mole after adding the juice in order to force the juice to stay in place.

  1. Using baking soda and castor oil to get rid of your moles:

The first step is to clean your moles in order to eliminate the possibility of bacteria interfering with this procedure.

Mix together the castor oil and baking soda until it turns into a glue like substance. Add this substance to a small bandage and apply the bandage to one of your moles. Repeat this procedure on your other moles. It may take a few weeks of performing this procedure daily in order to make your moles disappear totally.