Different gifts for a golfer

Christmas arrives and we all have to make a gift to a friend, relative, companion, etc. At the time of giving, we can find those who always pull the same gifts as always or those who work a little more and try to make a gift something more different from that friend, family or partner.

If the person you want to give away is a golfer you’re in luck, because golf, for better or worse, is a sport in which we always need things, so if you play golf, keep reading that we can save you something of time in the search gifts for golfers who have everything.

If you are one of those who are going to give the typical gift to a golfer , you have to know that balls, sweaters, warm clothes, water clothes, carrying bags, or travel bags will always be well received, because all We golfers need a good wardrobe background.

If you are one of those who want, you can or have to make an important gift this Christmas to this golfer, we remind you, that this entry is still in force, as a green fees bonus, golf trips or a trip to an Large will always be more than welcome by any of the golfers.

If you are what you want to give something different but without going completely crazy , then I will make the following proposals:

  • Aimpoint Express course:  In which you will be taught to watch the fall on the greens to know where to aim. Thanks to a system like the Aimpoint Express that players like Adam Scott, Lidia Ko, and Stecy Lewis use, the graceful will save himself blows during his laps, so he would be grateful for a long time. Here we talked about him in Golf76.
  • The film / documentary of Seve:  a documentary film about Seve’s film that has not been released in Spain and is available on Amazon. The parts of the film that tell us about the difficulties that Seve had to go through in its beginnings are in Spanish, while the parts about his sporting feats are in English. Although the person does not speak English, it will be a movie that you will love to have in order to remember the way one of the greatest players in history played. If you want to know more about Seve’s film, you can continue reading here.
  • Books on golf statistics:  in recent times golf statistics have undergone a great change, which has also served to try to erase with accurate data, things that until now were considered true. For this gift, it is necessary that the person read English correctly, since all these books, due to the small size of the golf market in Spain are not translated into Spanish.
  • The first is Rich Hunt’s Pro Golf Synopsis, a book I’m talking about here, and which has now been updated with the 2014 season data.
  • The second one is Mark Broadie’s Every Shot Counts: he is the creator of the new statistics that are available in the PGA Tour since this year and that really allow us to see in which facets of the game you can win or lose more blows compared to the rest of players.
  • The third and last is Lowest Score Wins, which is only available through Ebay. The latter I still have not been able to read it, although I have a unit on the way, but I have heard bad reviews about it.
  • The Perfect Putting Grip: a gift and a very simple idea with which the player who receives it can learn the grip that a teacher like Put O’Brien teaches his students, among which Zach Johnson stands out. We talk more about him here.
  • TRX Training: one of the aspects that has changed the most in golf in recent years is the physical preparation of golfers, although it is true that amateurs still have a long way to go in that aspect, in addition, it should always be remembered that It’s one thing to be in shape and another is to be fit for golf and TRX Training will help us with the latter. You can read more about TRX Training here.
  • Golf lessons in your club:  it does not matter what handicap the player has, because even the professionals continue to receive classes to improve the swing or to avoid returning to the same mistakes as always that our natural tendency takes us, so a Bonus with the professional that the player likes or in which the player trusts would always be a great idea. Of course, keep in mind this post, in which we talked about the intrusion and the updating of concepts when giving golf lessons.