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12 tips to boost testosterone production and maximize muscle growth

When your personal goal and to stimulate muscle growth, you need to consider different factors. This does not only concern the intensity of your workouts but also the feeding, the taking of supplements and the rest time. It is important to point out that there is another element that will determine the amount of muscle that you will be able to create: the natural levels of testosterone present in the body.

Testosterone is produced by the body and is one of the essential hormones for muscle growth. It is able to increase strength, protein synthesis, performance, lower bad cholesterol levels and improve mood, thanks to a series of biochemical reactions testosterone boosters.

The male body is able to produce about 10mg of testosterone a day. As for the female organism, it produces, on average, 0.25 to 1 mg of testosterone per day. However, with age, it is normal that the release of this hormone is not as constant as between 18 and 35 years.


  1. Avoid excess aerobic workouts. Do short workouts but high intensity. Indeed, they bring more benefits and increase the production of testosterone.
  2. Train intensively. If you want to have meaningful results, you need to be able to go beyond your limits. The greater the effort, the more you will be able to provide testosterone to your body.
  3. Put on weight. A good way to stimulate testosterone production is to use heavier weights and to do little repetition. Some studies say that you have to use 85% of your heaviest load.
  4. Focus on compound exercises. Make compound exercises the basis of your workouts: squats, bench presses, curl bars, pumps and slits.
  5. Do not exercise in excess. Sleep enough to recover and avoid overtraining. Overtraining can decrease testosterone levels by 40%. If you need it, take a break of one to two weeks. Lack of sleep promotes the release of cortisol, a catabolic hormone that lowers testosterone levels.
  6. Eat healthy, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (omega-3 and omega-6). They are present in foods such as: peanuts, walnuts, almonds, avocado, fish, oils, vinegar and canola.
  7. Consume vitamin C. This vitamin is able to control cortisol levels. It is present in the following foods: lemon, orange, passion fruit, strawberry and tomato.
  8. Consume sufficient amounts of Zinc. The deficiency of this mineral makes it difficult to release testosterone. If she is not free in the blood stream, she will not be able to perform her duties, such as muscle anabolism for example. You can find this mineral in: nuts, chestnuts, meats, salmon and liver.
  9. Increase your consumption of vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, turnip, Brussels sprouts and radish. These vegetables stimulate the decrease of estrogen levels while increasing testosterone.
  10. To increase testosterone levels and build muscle, you have to consume protein. You must consume a quantity of protein proportional to your weight and, preferably, a quality protein. Learn to choose the best protein Whey to increase muscle mass.
  11. Avoid alcohol consumption. Alcohol has a negative influence on testosterone levels. So drink with moderation.
  12. Reduce stress. Too much stress stimulates the release of Cortisol. Practice physical and emotional relaxation (massage, acupuncture, yoga).

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5 Questions to Ask before Taking Brain Supplements Daily

Many of us wonder whether brain supplements or minerals are really needed to maintain brain health and improve it’s functioning – and which would be the best brain supplements? –  If we theoretically consume healthy foods and respect the nutrition rules recommended by the health care institutions.

But few of us manage to consume high-quality, high-nutrient foods, or meet the minimum of these often. I know that, as much as I try to practice healthy and qualitative nutrition, I have nutritional needs that remain unmet. The body, but the mind especially, needs, more or less, supplements that provide us with essential vitamins and minerals. For a better management of this situation, I encourage you to try to ask the following questions and decide yourself whether you need a daily supplemental brain.


  1. Do you consume 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily?

Sounds enormous, isn’t it? When we think that the minimum necessary to supplement vitamin deficiencies is 5 portions, we realize that 7-10 are ideal. But what does 5 servings mean? 4 vegetables and a fruit? 3 fruits and 2 vegetables? Generally, one serving of fruits and vegetables means: an average fruit/ 100 g of fruit/ a few dehydrated fruits/ 200 ml of fruit or vegetable juice/ 200 g of green leafy vegetables/ 100 grams of raw vegetables


  1. Do you take prescription drugs?

Many prescription drugs or pills without prescription lead to nutritional deficiencies. For example, birth control pills make women susceptible to magnesium deficiency, B6, B12 and vitamin C.


  1. How does your mind and body react to stress?

Everyday responsibilities and challenges can deprive you of B vitamins. This type of vitamin supplements ensures that the mind and body enjoy nutrients, especially during periods of stress.


  1. Do you smoke?

If you smoke, the absorption power of vitamins and minerals is impaired. If you do not replace those through a diet focused on vitamins and minerals, deficiencies can occur even when you get the recommended doses. Smoking basically deprives you of vitamin D and of oxygen that should get into the skin. Hence the aging look …


  1. Are you vegan or vegetarian?

Those who do not eat meat are prone to B12 and iron deficiencies. If you are a vegetarian or vegan or you consume few animal products (especially meat) then only vitamin and mineral supplements can help ensure that you do not develop deficiencies.

Answering to these questions will convince you that you need best brain supplements, so “google” for the top 10 best brain supplements in the world, make a battery of blood tests and some medical tests, talk to your physician and start serving a portion of heath every day!

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How to Remove Information from Social Media Sites

There are several ways to remove the information from Google. Each method has its own pros and cons. When you view each application or tool, you will know their performance. In order to bring your desired goals or targets, you should select a right method for removal of information from Google. How to remove my information from google? This question is asked by most of the people who are using online source. Today different kinds of third party tools are available for this task. You just need to follow the step by step guide to remove the information from online source. Each platform like social media, blog and other websites has its own specific mode or mechanism to remove the data from sites. How to remove my information from google? You can easily remove the data from Google if you know the right steps.

It is simpler to remove the information from social media websites. If you have account information you can login to account to remove information. You can also send a report to Google to discuss such matters. Google will remove all information that is against privacy policy and rules. How to remove my information from google? You can easily remove the data in this way.

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Choose Online Credibility Management Provider

Do you believe that a couple of negative remarks about your business and brand occasionally on the Web do not shake your boat?

Reconsider and concentrate

Go on and Google your name. The first couple of pages of Google will show the effectiveness of your online credibility. And if there is something odd … on the search engine; who you goanna call???

The credibility is everything for online companies. The web is relocating at really fast lane that a single error can ruin your business ratings and make you strike the all-time lows. For those who operate in a Public Relations and marketing market, it is crucial to comprehend the best ways to handle this crisis. Once the credibilityis harmed, there is no reverse button to reverse it. It can just be recuperated with the assistance of SEO (on and off page).

The primary intention to doing all this is to reduce the effects of all the unfavorable aspects of you provide not eh web. It is not some magic wand, it takes time.

The Specifics of online reputation management

Writing blog sites that are helpful along with substantive. It assists in ranking excellent in the online search engine result pages (SERP) and therefore presses the positivity up in order to eliminate the defamatory post from individuals’s eye. While producing a blog, include business name in the URL and after that publish the pertinent content.

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A Guide to Find Best Hair Extension Specialist

People hire extensions specialist to have hair extension service. If you are looking for an extension professional, you should follow some steps to make a right decision with ease and comfort. First of all you should decide or determine your budget range. If you know your budget range, you can easily select a right treatment or method for you. If you have unlimited budget, you can select any kind of treatment. You should select the treatment corresponding to your budget range or style. In order to view different types of treatment, you can also use the online source. Another important step is the selection of a right professional for this service.

Make sure that extensions specialist you are going to select is experienced and skilled in his work. He should have good grip on different types of treatments and methods. He should know your desired method of extension. Hence it is good to conduct meeting or discussion with extension specialist to have some idea. You can ask the questions to professional to have peace of mind. If you are satisfied with answers of professional, you can make the right decision.

It is also best to check the history, performance, reviews and feedbacks of extensions specialist to safeguard your investment. If you are not satisfied with reviews or feedbacks, you can look for another specialist person for this job. The online platform is a right platform to find the best hair dressers in the world. The comparison of fees of hair dressers is also possible on the web source.

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The Best Lasik Dr How to Find Him

In case you are interested in getting rid of glasses using the concept of Lasik, then keep in mind that before going ahead with this technique it is very much important to consider some points because your eye and visual system is involved in the entire procedure. Lasik has a very high success rate and is being used worldwide for improving the visual quality of millions. However, there are some requirements which should be considered for making this procedure a success. Lasik can only provide you decent results when it has been performed by a professional and highly competent eye surgeon. Therefore, your preference should always be to find best lasik dr for providing the right kind of treatment to your eye.

The problem is that in the main market you will find many eye doctors as well as Lasik centers and all of them claim to provide the best possible results. However, you should avoid taking any kind of risk and must try to find an experienced and skilled surgeon for getting the job done. Below we will discuss some tips that are considered as useful for finding the best lasik dr in your area.

  • Start by asking people who have already gone through this procedure. They can guide you about a decent doctor based on their experience.
  • Internet is the most suitable source of information that can be used for short listing the best Lasik centers in your region.
  • Discuss this matter with friends and family members they can also help you.

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How to Find BMW Special Lease Offers

In order to find the bmw lease specials it is necessary to spend few hours on the web source. Some bmw dealers offer the special lease offers for customers. In order to get access to such offers, it is necessary to stay connected with bmw agents or dealers in the market. Sometime company also shares such news in the paper and news. There are certain tactics which can help you to find the special lease offers. These tactics are given below.

Stay connected with bmw dealers

It is a good step to stay connected with your nearby bmw dealers so that you can receive the updates and news about the latest lease offers in the market. You can also visit the office of dealers frequently to have such information. When you stay connected with dealers, you can easily find the bmw lease specials in this way.

Shop around online

Try to visit the relevant websites on daily basis so that you can have your desired information with ease and comfort. When you visit the websites, you can easily find the news or information about the lease specials. Most of the bmw dealers also have their own websites for this purpose.

Look for agents

It is a known fact that agents or brokers can also help to find out the special lease offers in the market. You can find and meet such lenders in the market to acquire your goals with ease and comfort. The lenders will charge some fee to find bmw lease specials.

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Pros and Cons of Title Loans

Prior to make decision about title loans, you should compare or weigh the pros and cons of title loan. It is reported that title loan is more expensive and costly than traditional bank loan. The interest rate of car loan is higher than normal bank loan. The consumer will need to repay huge or large amount for title loan. On the other hand, bank normal loans are cheapest and best than other types of loans in the market. Some lenders also charge additional fee or prices for this type of service. The consumer may also charge processing fee, key fee and documentation fee. The pros of title loans are more than cons. The first benefit of title loan is that it does not require credit check, guaranty, bank statement and verification. Similarly it offers quick and fast processing. It can offer you instant cash anytime and anywhere. In order to apply for the title loan, there is no need for extra charges or documents.

The title loans require only vehicle ownership. There is no need for bank statement and other requirements. Therefore it is best for the emergency needs. You cannot face the emergency financial conditions with the help of bank loan because it requires couple of days for the release of loan. You can face all kinds of emergency issues through car or title loans like medical checkup, repayment of bills and emergency invoices. These features make the use of car or title loan most popular across the globe.

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The Right Auto Mechanic You Need For Fixing Of Your Head Gasket

The top head gasket is one part of car with enormous importance. It is located between engine block and top cylinder head in engine with internal combustion. The need for this gasket is to seal up the cylinder to make sure that there is maximum compression so as to avoid leakages of engine oils and radiator coolant. For that reason, it is known as the most critical gasket in the engine. Finding the company that will fix this part into your car without problem is very important if you want to enjoy peace of mind in your ride.

Go To the Company That Will Provide You with Highest Quality Head Gasket

Honestly, most auto workshops in their bid to make more profit from clients normally compromise quality of their spare parts. For that reason, you must ensure that you go to the right workshop that will provide you with highest quality head gasket. More so, the mechanic that wants to fix the gasket must be experienced in the work. This is to make sure that your bad gasket does not cause other serious problem to your overall vehicle while on the go.

The Perfect Head Gasket Replacement Service You Need in Chula Vista

Chula Vista is the right place where you can find reliable mechanic workshop that will provide you with best and perfect head gasket replacement. They experts are known to do their work with latest improved technology which made them the right company for you to contact for your service at any point in time.

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Find Out More about Combi Boiler Cost through Quote Online

If you want to change your boiler with new one, there are some things you must consider. You have to consider the old boiler that is there and decide whether to update it with same brand or to go for another. The combi boiler is not one of the most popular boilers in the marketing today. This can be linked to its efficiency in service, ability to provide user with on-demand heating to radiator and domestic hot water and others. The combi boiler cost is not really outrageous when you compare that with the performance and functionality.

Compare Combi Boiler Cost for Great Deal in Your Purchase

If you want to enjoy great deal in your purchase, you must first of all do price comparison before selecting best combi boiler cost. Good enough, you will not need to spend your money for you to get quote on your boiler. You can easily get the quote without any obligation or free associated with when you checkout for specialist on this site. That is the reason why you have to go ahead and contact them through this site.

Buy Combi Boiler at £ 2,000 through This Site

The price of boiler offered on this site is from real and genuine dealers in UK. For that reason, the combi boiler cost offered here is just the best you can get from any site online. Just with your £ 2,000, you will stand chance of getting brand new combi boiler that will offer you rest and peace of mind for many years.

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