Optical fiber began to be used as communication technology in the late 1980s, when the first intercontinental cable connected the United States to Europe. Years later, advances in technology allowed the number of simultaneous connections to increase from 40,000 to 200 million connected telephone circuits at the same time - all thanks to tools like CDWM and DWDM (allowing different data to be transmitted over the same physical channel). Today, fiber cables are now capable of transmitting 1.6 Tbit Read more [...]

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The Concept behind Change Google Autocomplete

For winning the attention of customers and generating online reviews one has to put in a lot of efforts because online world is a complicated medium which depends a lot upon the good will of a company. There are a variety of features, which have been introduced by Google for making online search easy for its users. Suggestions can either make or break a situation for your organization so it is best that you should take matters related with change google autocomplete in a serious manner otherwise there will be more issues and problems to face in the long run. The autofill suggestions which appear are actually reflections of search activity that is being carried out on web. For changing these suggestions you will require a good number of searches and all of these should be positive. If everything is done in the right fashion, then in 2 to 4 months suggestions will change, but more volume is obviously going to take more time. Time is required because Google takes some time in recognizing the searches. One has to be extremely careful because any kind of mistake can further dent your popularity. In short, for change google autocomplete you need to follow a constructive strategy. Read more [...]

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