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How to make homemade protein shakes and healthy

To perform sports and recover well after, we must have an adequate intake of carbohydrates. In this way, the glycogen reserves will be filled to obtain the necessary energy and proteins, which will form muscle and protect the fibers. We will achieve mass and muscle tone and recovery after the effort will be optimal. Today we are going to teach you how to make homemade protein shakes, which in addition to being rich will be healthy and will help you after an intense workout, top 10 protein shakes.

Recipes of protein shakes

  • Smoothie after a marathon.

It is a forceful shake but with 75% protein, which makes it a super smoothie. Mix 3 cooked egg whites (never raw, as they are not assimilated), two natural skimmed yoghurts or flavored but not sugar, a banana and a glass of skimmed milk. Beat well and serve with a pinch of cinnamon.

  • Smoothie for breakfast

Mix two cooked egg whites, a glass of skimmed milk, a fresh yogurt, a bowl of chopped strawberries and a few oat flakes. Beat well and sweeten if you want with stevia. It helps you prepare the body after the overnight fast if you train in the morning. Control the amount so you do not feel too heavy.

  • Apple smoothie

Mix a natural skim yogurt, a piece of apple, a glass of skim milk, some almonds, a pinch of honey to sweeten and a little cinnamon. It’s a satiating milkshake, which can help you after a workout to spend the morning, and even serves you for a light lunch if you’re running session is at noon.

  • Chocolate milkshake

Skimmed milk, oats, banana and cocoa powder. Add some ice cubes so it is very cold. It is a perfect snack for your teenage sportsmen who will also love it.

  • Walnut milkshake

Mix half a cup of chopped nuts, with a natural yogurt, a cup of skimmed milk, raisins and liquid vanilla. Beat vigorously to make foam and serve very cold. This smoothie is a delicious treat that you can drink at any time of the day.

The days you do not go to do sports do not take this type of shakes. You already know that proteins do not accumulate and must be eliminated and can produce excess kidney, liver and bone problems, in addition to fatigue. And remember to eat a balanced diet so that you do not miss any type of food.

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Top 10 Fat Burners

7 tips to lose weight without miracle diets

  1. Run away from miracle diets

They are known as miracle diets, but lately they have been renamed to be ‘detox’ diets. In them it is typical to fast or eat only fruits and vegetables Top 10 Fat Burners. But following them is “silly,” says Juan Madrid, because with them “only liquids and sugar are lost, and not fat, and after three days the lost weight is recovered”. Taking the correct diet seriously, “in which there is protein and 70% fruit and vegetables every day”, is essential to lose the weight caught during vacations.


  1. Losing fear of certain foods

According to the specialist, the breakfasts must have milk and toasted bread with tomato. In the central meal of the day, there should always be a large salad as a first course, “but not to peck, but a salad for each person who sits at the table,” he says. The second dish should be “three days a week, legumes, another day should take pasta and day rice, and the rest of day’s meat or fish.” And as a dessert, a piece of fruit. Think that legumes, pasta, rice or fruit after eating fatten “is a mistake”. At mid afternoon, Madrid recommends taking “two skimmed yogurts” and for dinner, “vegetable or fish”.


  1. To do physical exercise

The star tip that all specialists give and perhaps the one that more work costs to apply. “You have to be very clear that without physical exercise is not worth anything dieting, because you lose a little, but there comes a point at which the body adapts and stagnates,” affects the endocrine.


  1. Do not buy industrially processed products

No sausages, no packed turkey breasts, no industrial pastries, nothing. Madrid is blunt when it completely omits these products from the diet. In addition, the trick is “not to buy and not have at home what you do not want to eat in. Even if it seems silly, it is not, in the end we end up eating everything there is at home.


  1. Liter and a half of water a day

Drinking water is always important. The specialist says that the recommended amount is a liter and a half a day, but “are distributed between food intake and drink.” Of course, water is much better in a diet, infusions or drinks without sugars or calories. To be aware that the drink also fattens, Madrid gives us a guide: “A beer has between 80 and 100 calories, depending on alcohol, a glass of wine has 100 calories and a clear with 40 or 50 calories soda”.


  1. Avoid caloric snacks

Being on a diet does not mean you cannot go out for a snack on weekends. For Madrid, the most important thing is to take care of what you eat, and that can also be done in a snack. “Instead of some fried potatoes or almonds, you have to order some clams or a little octopus, which have ten times less calories,” he says.


  1. Avoid stress

When it is said that stress makes you fat, specialists say that stressed people and those who do not sleep at night “tend to consume more fat and sugar, because they like it more than others”. This form of weight gain has been called ‘obestrés’, according to Madrid, which is “obesity associated with stress”. To avoid this, the specialist recommends “regularity in daily life and meals, in addition to sports, which is a way of removing stress,” he says.

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Best Fat burners for women

How to lose weight in a month: 6 tricks to lose weight fast

If you want to have a body 10 this summer, we are going to tell you how to lose weight in a month. Activate the emergency code because you have to like it when you premiere bikini on the beach or in the pool. And, although it seems otherwise, we are not going to ask you to do any miracle diet Best Fat burners for women.

Nor are we going to promise you a radical change within a month. However, we can ensure that in such a short time, it is possible to achieve some improvements. Do you want to discover how to lose weight in a month? Keep reading!

  1. When should you start?

If your question now is, when you should start, the answer is … now! When you start playing sports or getting your body back in shape, it’s normal for you to see a big difference in two or three months of training if:

  • You follow a balanced diet
  • You train regularly.

However, one month is enough time to start noticing changes in your body. In a month, you can feel more comfortable with yourself and more confident when you put on your bikini. So take paper and pencil. Be aware that you can do it and be constant. In four weeks you will thank us!

  1. Exercises throughout the day

Do not panic. We are not going to ask you to spend the day doing crunches (although some will have to do). However, there are certain exercises that can be done very simply. You can integrate them almost without realizing it as part of your day to day life.

For example, you can try a very good exercise to exercise your legs and butt while lying on the couch watching TV.

  • Lie sideways with your legs stretched
  • Raise and lower your leg up to 50 times.
  • When you finish turn around
  • Do the same with the other leg.
  • After this, continue with this same exercise but doing 40 repetitions, then 30, 20 and finally 10.
  • Do it every day and after a month you will arrive with beautiful legs to the beach.

Another tip, which I’m sure you like more, is that you prove to yourself that shopping is really healthy. When you do all those purchases that you will need for the holidays, bring the bags with your elbows slightly bent. Thus, you will get to tone shoulders and arms. Finally, how much more you buy better!

As a plus, here is a list of very simple exercises that will help you lose weight.

  1. Tone your abdomen

As important as legs and arms is having a toned abdomen when summer arrives. In this case, you will not have another to try the abs and push-ups. But let’s go in parts.

To do the abdominals well and lose weight in a month:

  • Make sure to place your hands in front of you,
  • For example, cross over the breasts,
  • Not on the neck, without wanting to push forward. You can hurt your back or neck.
  • On the other hand, when you do push-ups try not to raise your butt up while doing them.
  • In this case you have to make the effort with your arms and keep your back as straight as possible.
  • Do not torture yourself too much by doing them.

Try four sets of 10 push-ups and sit-ups on the first day. The second with 12, the third with 14, and so on.

Here we leave you an abdominal circuit that can help you get the abdomen of your dreams. Fíchalo!

  1. The feared squats

Squats are the perfect exercise to sculpt your figure perfectly, no matter how much you hate this exercise. In vacations, especially we show the legs, either in shorts, in bikini or with miniskirts.

So this exercise will come in handy to tone up your legs and glutes. Speaking of glutes, to do squats you have to squeeze this muscle. In this way, you will be getting the best possible training.

Make sure you do the squats well, because if not, it will not help. This means that you bend your knees forward, that your weight is concentrated on your heels and that you lower your body with your back straight.

  1. What kind of training works?

With only a month ahead, you’ll have to use yourself thoroughly to get results quickly. But, the good news is that fast workouts can be very effective if you know how to do them.

In addition to the exercises that we have indicated, if you want to lose weight quickly, you need to do some cardio.

  • On an elliptical machine,
  • On a bicycle,
  • Making running.

In this sense, it is a common mistake to think that the harder the program of the exercise, the more effective it will be.

The best way to lose weight is with interval sessions. You have to intersperse parts faster and lighter with others a little harder and more intense. This exercise has to be on your list if you want to achieve your goal.

Choose the exercise you want, alternate an intense minute with a softer one. Then, return to the maximum effort other minutes and then lower. And so over and over again. You will notice the results. If you need an extra idea, here are eight super effective GAP exercises (gluteus, abdomen and legs).

  1. Your diet to lose weight

Yes, inevitably you will have to think twice before attacking chocolate or chips if you want to lose weight and look better this summer. Fruit and yogurt are two of the healthiest alternatives. But more than focusing on what you eat think about how you eat it. Forget the miracle diets that will make you recover the weight as soon as you leave them. You have to think about changing the habits that have led you here. Therefore, focus on following these tips:

  • Eat consciously without distractions. If you eat while watching TV or doing other things, you will not realize when you are really satiated.
  • Eat slowly and chew well. This way you will notice that you fill up earlier and you will help your stomach digest food better.
  • Stop eating when you’re full. You are no longer a girl who has to eat everything on the plate; When you notice that you are sated, set aside the food and save it, you will eat it later.
  • Make three meals of normal size (not extra large) and other two small between meals. The famous five meals will come in handy to keep your metabolism running.

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