testosterone boosters

Tips to increase testosterone naturally

After checking your restlessness to know more about this hormone after having written the first entry of advice to increase testosterone naturally.

  • Add broccoli to your diet. This vegetable contains good amounts of Vitamin A, essential for the production of testosterone and a component called diindolylmethane (DIM) that prevents the transformation of testosterone into estrogen testosterone boosters.
  • A good bath of hot water with a good orange juice. Stress causes us to secrete the dreaded cortisol, a hormone that reduces our testosterone levels. It is proven that a good bath with hot water reduces stress and a good amount of Vitamin C reduces cortisol , therefore this is the perfect combination.
  • Sprinkle your meals with wheat germ. It is the most nutritious part of wheat grain and contains high amounts of zinc, responsible for converting estrogen to testosterone and prevents the enzyme aromatase from acting. So, go to the supermarket and flood the cereals, the salads and the wheat germ yogurts.
  • Weight training, in the afternoon. It is demonstrated that the performance of heavy loads in the afternoon, makes the testosterone levels more stable and higher throughout the day than the athletes who trained in the morning.

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5 tips to improve your sexual performance

The sex is a very important aspect for men and women. However, the social burden that exists on men for the “belief” that they are responsible for giving pleasure Extenze review, can affect them by generating anxiety in their encounters and cause situations such as ejaculating earlier than expected, or not achieving a good erection , revealed Adriana López , sexual and couple therapist.


Lopez Garcia, clarifies that men and women should take control of their own pleasure and express what they like or not in privacy and achieve agreements that allow them to maintain a full and satisfactory sexual life. Therefore, the sexologist gives you 5 tips to improve your performance in privacy:


  1. Eat less fat. The diseases can affect your sexual performance, especially those that are related to the cardiovascular system. Avoid excess fats and exercise at least 30 minutes a day that will help you stay in shape.
  2. More romance. In many occasions your partner does relate sex with love, so why not include in your proposals to tell him what you feel for him or her?
  3. Say yes to the caresses. With their exceptions, women need more foreplay to be ready for an erotic encounter, so they can have fun trying to figure out which caresses they like the most.
  4. More control, more time. There are men who are not satisfied with the time it takes to ejaculate , nowadays sex therapy and the emergence of medications that help to have more control over the ejaculatory reflex can help you. Consult your doctor.
  5. More imagination. Fantase is part of the erotic life, talk to your partner and invent games, emulate situations, or simply have fun with meetings in places other than the bedroom.

According to the expert, communication, flirting and caresses are key to having a satisfying sex life. What techniques do you use to be better in your intimate life?

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Performix SST


“Right weight loss, but how?” I’ve heard this question hundreds of times in my work in the gym over the past decade. Losing weight means something different for everyone – and works well with everyone else. Nevertheless Performix SST, there are a few things that apply to all and that can make each one of us easier to start with.



That’s the most important thing! You have to decide for yourself that you do not want to go on like this, but want to change your life. You have to get to that point – nobody will be able to force you to do that. You are also the one or the one who then has to work on it day after day – the decision you have to make for yourselfto meet. I have also worked with people who have booked me as a trainer, but have never actively opted for a change. This shows up very soon, because their motivation, their stamina and the will to change something quickly disappeared. Many of them even made me feel sick when it came to their diet. Or hid in front of me when I entered the room! But nobody should do that for me – but everyone for themselves. Only if you want it will weight loss work.


Walking brings many health benefits and you can do it anytime, anywhere. In addition, it protects the body and joints (unlike running or jumping) and at the same time, walking is great for burning fat .  Slip on your sports or running shoes and go.


Browse through a few magazines and cut out images that inspire you: your dream body, life goals , a beautiful house, things that trigger positive thoughts in you. Hang all the snippets and pictures on a whiteboard you see every day. Look at it often and imagine what it would feel like to achieve your goals. And then decide for yourself that you will reach her.


No juices, soft drinks, sports drink … just drink water. About 35 to 40 milliliters per kilogram of body weight are a good guide. If you do sports, plan an additional 500 to 1000 milliliters per hour. Do not drink light drinks, because the artificial sweeteners activate your reward system as well as sweets. Since the drinks do not contain calories, your body demands more and more – and that leads to food cravings.


Why do you want to lose weight? Write down your answer and place it visibly in as many places as possible: pin board, bathroom mirror, car, mobile phone, purse, desk, … Your why should have emotional reasons, for example “I want to be fit and energetic so I can romp around with my kids can “out of breath” or “I want to live longer than my parents” or “I want to feel comfortable in the dress / suit I bought for my best friend’s wedding”. I still have one request: forget quotes like “Do it for those who claim you cannot do it”. You do not have to prove anything to anyone. Do it for yourself!


Start with balance exercises where you are standing on a leg or uneven surface (sand, a BOSU ball, etc.). This helps to make your neuromuscular system work more efficiently, strengthening your midsection and stabilizing musculature – reducing the risk of injury and pain. Try it now – in this video you’ll find great exercises for balance and stability.


How much do you eat? Many people have no idea how many calories they are eating. In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, two groups of people (some who had already failed diets and others did not) were asked to state their daily calorie intake. Both groups underestimated calorie intake per day by 1,000 calories or more!


Do you often watch TV, sit in front of the computer, or play with your mobile while you eat? The food should be about one thing: eat. Switch off while you eat.  Did you know that the digestion begins right at your eyes? As soon as you look at your food, enzymes are formed in your saliva, which start the digestive process in the mouth. And what about chewing? Just think about it and be honest with yourself. You should chew every bite about 25 times before you swallow. By the way, if you often feel bloated after eating, thorough chewing can relieve the symptoms. Because your saliva mixes so well with the food and you eat much more consciously and slowly, instead of slipping everything down.

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7 tips for a healthy and delicious smoothie

When properly made, smoothies are like nutritious generators that fill you with healthy fruits and vegetables green superfood reviews. If they are poorly made, they can add to your waistline with their excess sugar, fat and artificial ingredients.


The best way to enjoy a smoothie? Do it yourself.

It’s refreshing, easy to eat on the go and full of healthy, stimulating nutrients. Whipped groceries and fast-food chains often contain aberrant amounts of sugar and fat that WebMD says provide you with “600 calories, enough saturated fat to compete with a double cheese burger, grams of carbohydrates in the three figures and we are talking here about the small portion. On the other hand, healthy whips combining good ingredients “give you a fantastic nutritional return for investment”. This was entrusted to Women’s Health magazine, the dietitian Wendy Bazilian, author of The SuperFoods Rx Diet.

Take advantage of the following tips to whip the perfect drink to water your body of nutrients without adding fat.


Healthy smoothies contain a lot of ice cream.

According to Health magazine, research has shown that people who drank dense whipped ones felt more satiated than those who consumed a lighter version, even when the number of calories was comparable! The best way to lather you is whipped without adding calories? Put in more ice.


Healthy smoothies are made of non-fat dairy products.

Whipped full of calories may contain ice cream or yogurt rich in fat, but the fat yogurt or cottage cheese gives your whipped a healthy dose of adequate protein without excess calories.


Healthy smoothies contain whole fruits.

Is your energetic whipped made of fruit juice rather than cut fruit? You are depriving yourself of a large dose of fiber that is digested more slowly and satiates you an hour after eating. Try bananas, berry mixes or apples. Frozen fruit can make your whipped creamier and colder, according to Bon Appetit , who recommends cutting peaches, plums, nectarines, strawberries, cherries and apricots roughly, then spreading them on a plate and freezing them.


Healthy smoothies do not fear vegetables.

Unless you are used to green plant juice, it may seem strange to add vegetables to your whipped. But Mike Roussell, Ph.D., tells Shape magazine, “Spinach and kale do not taste much when mixed together.” Even if they give your drink a greenish tinge, they should not change the taste too much.


Healthy smoothies contain omega 3.

A tablespoon of flax flour helps to add fiber and omega 3 antioxidants.



Healthy smoothies like good fat.

A little unsaturated fat (half a avocado, or a tablespoon of nut butter) also keeps you satiated. The key word is “a little”, otherwise you will turn your whipped into a calorie disaster.


Healthy smoothies have a sweet taste with no added sugar.

If the whipped does not taste good, it is useless to drink. But you can get that sweet sensation with light coconut milk, coconut water or water. (Be careful, fruit juices contain added sugar.) You can also mix a teaspoon or two of honey, a little vanilla extract, a pinch of unsweetened cocoa powder or cinnamon.

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Green smoothies are not without reason a dietary trend. They bring many great benefits, which I summarize in this article. In addition, I’ll give you some tips for making green smoothies with you.



Green smoothies were invented in 2004 by the Russian nutrition expert Victoria Boutenko. She pureed 50% green and 50% fruits with a little water and conjured up the first green smoothie.

The leaf green in the Power is varied. From leaf salad, cabbage, wild herbs to green root vegetables, everything can be used Amazing Grass.

The darker the green, the higher the chlorophyll content of the vegetables.

The second half of the superfood consists of ripe fruit, which gives the drink its sweetness. The riper the fruits, the easier they can be digested.


Green smoothies are real nutrient bombs. They are rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The Super meal is perfect for anyone who wants to eat basic or base excess and strengthens the immune system. They are easily digestible, support the body in detoxification and much more.


Green smoothies contain a high concentration of fiber, proteins, important minerals and vitamins. There are also phytochemicals and chlorophyll, which protect us from diseases. Since the drink is consumed raw, the vital nutrients remain intact and are not killed by heating. That makes the green smoothie a full meal!


Digestion is the process for which our body has to expend the most energy. Since fruit and vegetables in the smoothie are pre-digested by blending so to speak, smoothies are very wholesome and we also save a lot of energy. That’s why we do not feel tired and tired after a smoothie meal, like after cooked food.


Fruits and green leafy vegetables are basic foods that replenish the base reservoir of our body and counteract hyperacidity. Acidification of the body is the cause of many health problems and arises among other things from the consumption of animal food, coffee, sugar, alcohol and nicotine. So green smoothies bring the acid-base balance into balance, helping to prevent disease.


Unlike juices, smoothies still contain all the fiber. These help in the detoxification of our organism, because they absorb toxins in our intestines and ensure their removal from the body. The fewer toxins are in our system, the better our well-being and the fresher and younger we look. By the way, dietary fiber is only found in plant foods.


The green raw food meal is very filling and provides our body with all the important nutrients, so he lacks nothing and we develop fewer cravings. Over time, the body demands more and more of the healthy and we consume less fats and sugars. We can use our gained energy by doing more sport, which speeds up the burning of fat.


In just a few minutes, a wholesome meal is prepared to provide you with essential nutrients. All you have to do is wash and cut the fruits and vegetables, add them to the blender and mix. You can fill it in a bottle and take it anywhere with you or put it in a bowl and decorate it with fruits, nuts and seeds. No breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner is made faster than a green smoothie!


When preparing smoothies your creativity knows no bounds. Explore different tastes and try new combinations. Smoothies are fun and add color to your day. Even children like to drink smoothies! Green smoothies are also ideal for those who do not like green leafy vegetables, as their fruit content makes them taste sweet and not overly veggies. For beginners, for example, fresh leaf spinach is good, because he has no strong taste.


There are two different ways of filling, depending on which device you use for mixing.


If you use a blender *, I would recommend you first to give the fruit with some water in the container and then to give the leaf green on top. In my experience, the green leaves snag under the knives when they are first placed in the container. In addition, you facilitate the work of your device, if you cut the fruit before a little small.


This type of device has so much power that it really does not matter if you first put the fruit and then the leafy vegetables in the container or vice versa.


Smoothie newbies I recommend to start with mild leafy vegetables like spinach or lamb’s lettuce. If the green taste at the beginning is still too strong for you, you can initially change the mixing ratio to 40% green and 60% fruit and increase the amount of vegetables over time. You can taste the smoothie and if necessary change the taste by adding a ripe banana or dates for the sweetness or some lemon or lime juice for a light freshness.

It’s best to vary the ingredients every few days to get a variety of nutrients.

A green smoothie is more of a meal than a drink. You can take it in small sips or spoons. The better it is ingested, the more enzymes are released, which ensure optimal recovery.

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Meet the New Shakeology Formula

At Beachbody our goal is to help you achieve the best results. Our global approach combines fitness, nutrition and support … and consists of a proven formula that has helped millions of people transform their lives.

One of our tools to do this is Shakeology, a liquefied protein superfood that can help you lose weight, reduce junk food cravings and provide you with healthy energy.

If you still do not take Shakeology, now is the ideal time to start doing it since we have made several changes to the formula to make it even better. And Shakeology fans have nothing to worry about: it still has the same flavor that they know and love.

Six Things You Should Know About the New Shakeology Formula.

  1. Improved vitamin and mineral composition (only formulas based on whey)

New research by the Food Committee revealed that there are certain vitamins and minerals that many people do not usually consume in sufficient quantity. The same studies also reported other vitamins and minerals whose excess consumption could be counterproductive.

Apparently, many people do not consume enough vitamin B6, vitamin D and vitamin C, and it is noteworthy to note that consuming too much vitamin A, depending on how it is done, can have negative effects. In addition, recent research shows that some populations may have different nutritional needs.

  • Many women of reproductive age do not consume sufficient amounts of vitamins C, D and E, or folate (B9), magnesium or potassium.
  • Vegetarians, in general, do not consume enough calcium or iron.
  • It is possible that overweight people need more vitamins A, C, D, E, K B12, zinc and selenium.

Our scientists synthesized all these data and created a new formula of serum that provides a greater amount of vitamins and minerals that you need to take a balanced and healthy diet.

Modifications of the composition of vitamins and minerals of Shakeology:

  • Vitamin D and magnesium levels were increased. Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium and healthy strengthening of bones and muscle function; Magnesium promotes a variety of processes, including proper function of both the muscular system and the nervous system.
  • Selenium was added, a trace element that promotes body health.
  • Vitamin B6, B12 and folate levels were increased. Shakeology now contains 50 percent of the recommended daily value of each of the above.
  • Folic acid was replaced with L-methylfolate, the active form of the nutrient that the body can use more easily.
  • The form of vitamin K (which was previously K1) was replaced with K2. Vitamin K helps promote healthy bones.
  • Cyanocobalamin, the previous form of vitamin B12, has been replaced with methylcobalamin, which has greater bioavailability. Vitamin B12 is important for the nervous system and energy metabolism and, together with folate, contributes to the synthesis of DNA and red blood cells.
  • The vitamin E of Shakeology is now present in its succinct form, which comes from non-transgenic sunflowers.
  • The new Shakeology formula now includes less vitamin A, calcium and iron. Although these nutrients are important, they can be counterproductive when consumed in a complementary way at high levels.
  1. It is now easier for the body to absorb essential vitamins and minerals

And when it comes to vitamins and minerals, both quality and quantity matter. We took this into account when improving the Shakeology formula and that is why we replaced certain forms of folate, vitamin K and vitamin B12 with forms that the body can absorb and consume more easily.

  1. Add matcha

Matcha is a powerful green tea leaf with powerful phytonutrients. Along with other phytonutrients from superfoods that contains Shakeology, matcha contributes to health and vitality.

The matcha we include in Shakeology comes from a distributor of organic products certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA, for its acronym in English). In Japan, matcha has been consumed for several centuries, and now we have included it in all the flavors of Shakeology.

  1. We add chaga

Chaga is a fungus that grows on the bark of some trees. This fungus, in conjunction with other adaptogens present in Shakeology, is used in a traditional way to help the body adapt and react to the effects of stress. Our chaga is grown and produced in the USA. UU and comes from a distributor of organic products certified by the USDA.

  1. We add sacha inchi to Vegan Shakeology

Our formula of non-vegan flavors has always included sacha inchi (a superfood native to Peru that is also known as an Inca nut). We are very pleased to share that now the sacha inchi is part of our protein blend in the entire line of Shakeology, including our vegan flavors.

  1. We have eliminated fructose and agave

Previously, Shakeology’s serum-based formula contained fructose, and the Vegan Shakeology formula contained agave. In their attempt to include ingredients of the highest quality, the designers of Shakeology formulas found that replacing fructose and agave with organic cane sugar provides a more balanced sweet taste.

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Athletic Greens

Superfoods: From acai to spirulina

What is a superfood?

The list of superfoods is long and constantly adding new foods with this label. What a superfood is, cannot be answered clearly by definition – a technical definition of terms does not exist so far . In general, however, such foods are referred to as superfood Athletic Greens, which have a higher nutrient content and health therefore especially good – especially in the process are fruit and vegetables. They share the different characteristics: slimming products, health promoters, energy donors.

Superfood – great or not?

The term superfood has been haunting the media for some time now and has given food a great popularity. Known a few years ago probably only the least people Aronia, Goji and Co., today is a real hype about these foods arose – the public interest is great. Rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytochemicals, they end up in smoothies, salad or cereal. Meanwhile, the Superfoods are available in all possible varieties: as an extract, dried, fresh or as puree – and in the form of dietary supplements.

Scientifically it is not clear to what extent the superfoods have a positive influence on the health. Because often the findings are achieved under laboratory conditions, made experiments on animals or administered a very high dosage. Furthermore, the individual foods are examined in isolation in the laboratory; however, in everyday life, people consume a combination of foods that can interact in different ways. For example, beta-carotene found in carrots or spinach can be more easily absorbed along with fat.

The European Food Information Council (EUFIC) also says that “the results do not necessarily translate into real nutrition.

But what does that mean for our diet? Does that mean superfoods are not that great? According to the EUFIC, there are certainly components in foods that have a particular health-promoting benefit. However, one should not just focus on its diet – a varied and healthy diet should be at the forefront. By consuming local foods, such as carrots or apples, we already provide our body with essential nutrients such as beta-carotene or fiber.

Therefore, if you eat a balanced and healthy diet, you do not necessarily need superfoods. However , superfoods are always an enrichment to the diet: Form, color and taste complement the everyday food offer and bring diversity into the often dismal recipe collection.

From the Amazon to China – superfoods from overseas

They have beautiful names and go back a long way: Chia from Central and South America, the North American Aronia berry or the Brazilian Acai berry. And even known foods like cocoa come from overseas (America, Africa or Asia).

Some of these superfoods can now be cultivated in our latitudes , such as goji berries , which originally come from the Middle Kingdom – but most are imported, which is often reflected in the price. Nonetheless, most exotic superfoods have now arrived on home plates and supermarket shelves. For example, some bakers can buy chia bread rolls and the smoothie is enriched with goji berries. Or how about an acerola juice?

Local Superfoods: Spinach, Linseed & Co.

They are often on our menu and many are not aware that local fruits and vegetables can be superfood. These include, for example




Flaxseed or


Your advantage over the exotic foods? They grow right on the doorstep and do not need to be imported from Australia or China. Domestic superfood reaches our plates without many detours – and is nevertheless full of valuable nutrients.

Green dietary supplements: The power of algae

The green color may seem a bit daunting at first: Algae like Spirulina , Chlorella or Afa algae are primarily available as a dietary supplement in the form of tablets, compacts or as a powder. Due to the high nutrient content, they are also said to have health-promoting properties, including helping them lose weight, delay the aging process and support the immune system.

However, the dietary supplements are not drugs; In order to be designated as such, strict controls are required, which must be effective, of pharmaceutical quality and safe. Finally, there is still a license by the Federal Institute for Drugs. Dietary supplements are therefore just foods that complement the normal diet.

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Green Superfood Powder

Superfoods – The 10 essential foods of Detox

Rich in essential nutrients, trace elements and vitamins Green Superfood Powder are all good!

Thus, in this beautiful fall season, we reveal you the top 10 ingredients to integrate into your menus.

The 10 essential superfoods of detox

Green tea

It would prevent certain cancers; reduce the rate of bad cholesterol and hypertension.

Green tea also acts on the elimination of toxins while draining the body.


Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and especially pectin, its fiber content helps promote the elimination of waste in the colon such as heavy metals.


It is the ally of all those who want to be better. Diuretic and both appetite suppressant, lemon naturally cleanses the liver and improves digestion.

The lawyer

He fights free radicals while helping the body to purify itself.

The banana

Incredibly enriched with mineral salts, it is ideal to relieve the phenomenon of water retention .


Ideal for a detox cure, ginger stimulates the production of bile in the liver.

It is also an excellent anti-nauseant!


This is the best known herb for treating small ailments. The garlic clears the bronchi, fights infections and preserves the bacterial balance of the intestine.


Like the famous spirulina, chlorella is perfect for ridding the body of various chemical pollutants.


This yellow spice relieves inflammatory diseases, digestive disorders and ulcers.


Rich in lecithin, it prevents the deposition of cholesterol in the arteries while promoting drainage of the liver.

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top 10 protein shakes

How to make homemade protein shakes and healthy

To perform sports and recover well after, we must have an adequate intake of carbohydrates. In this way, the glycogen reserves will be filled to obtain the necessary energy and proteins, which will form muscle and protect the fibers. We will achieve mass and muscle tone and recovery after the effort will be optimal. Today we are going to teach you how to make homemade protein shakes, which in addition to being rich will be healthy and will help you after an intense workout, top 10 protein shakes.

Recipes of protein shakes

  • Smoothie after a marathon.

It is a forceful shake but with 75% protein, which makes it a super smoothie. Mix 3 cooked egg whites (never raw, as they are not assimilated), two natural skimmed yoghurts or flavored but not sugar, a banana and a glass of skimmed milk. Beat well and serve with a pinch of cinnamon.

  • Smoothie for breakfast

Mix two cooked egg whites, a glass of skimmed milk, a fresh yogurt, a bowl of chopped strawberries and a few oat flakes. Beat well and sweeten if you want with stevia. It helps you prepare the body after the overnight fast if you train in the morning. Control the amount so you do not feel too heavy.

  • Apple smoothie

Mix a natural skim yogurt, a piece of apple, a glass of skim milk, some almonds, a pinch of honey to sweeten and a little cinnamon. It’s a satiating milkshake, which can help you after a workout to spend the morning, and even serves you for a light lunch if you’re running session is at noon.

  • Chocolate milkshake

Skimmed milk, oats, banana and cocoa powder. Add some ice cubes so it is very cold. It is a perfect snack for your teenage sportsmen who will also love it.

  • Walnut milkshake

Mix half a cup of chopped nuts, with a natural yogurt, a cup of skimmed milk, raisins and liquid vanilla. Beat vigorously to make foam and serve very cold. This smoothie is a delicious treat that you can drink at any time of the day.

The days you do not go to do sports do not take this type of shakes. You already know that proteins do not accumulate and must be eliminated and can produce excess kidney, liver and bone problems, in addition to fatigue. And remember to eat a balanced diet so that you do not miss any type of food.

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Top 10 Fat Burners

7 tips to lose weight without miracle diets

  1. Run away from miracle diets

They are known as miracle diets, but lately they have been renamed to be ‘detox’ diets. In them it is typical to fast or eat only fruits and vegetables Top 10 Fat Burners. But following them is “silly,” says Juan Madrid, because with them “only liquids and sugar are lost, and not fat, and after three days the lost weight is recovered”. Taking the correct diet seriously, “in which there is protein and 70% fruit and vegetables every day”, is essential to lose the weight caught during vacations.


  1. Losing fear of certain foods

According to the specialist, the breakfasts must have milk and toasted bread with tomato. In the central meal of the day, there should always be a large salad as a first course, “but not to peck, but a salad for each person who sits at the table,” he says. The second dish should be “three days a week, legumes, another day should take pasta and day rice, and the rest of day’s meat or fish.” And as a dessert, a piece of fruit. Think that legumes, pasta, rice or fruit after eating fatten “is a mistake”. At mid afternoon, Madrid recommends taking “two skimmed yogurts” and for dinner, “vegetable or fish”.


  1. To do physical exercise

The star tip that all specialists give and perhaps the one that more work costs to apply. “You have to be very clear that without physical exercise is not worth anything dieting, because you lose a little, but there comes a point at which the body adapts and stagnates,” affects the endocrine.


  1. Do not buy industrially processed products

No sausages, no packed turkey breasts, no industrial pastries, nothing. Madrid is blunt when it completely omits these products from the diet. In addition, the trick is “not to buy and not have at home what you do not want to eat in. Even if it seems silly, it is not, in the end we end up eating everything there is at home.


  1. Liter and a half of water a day

Drinking water is always important. The specialist says that the recommended amount is a liter and a half a day, but “are distributed between food intake and drink.” Of course, water is much better in a diet, infusions or drinks without sugars or calories. To be aware that the drink also fattens, Madrid gives us a guide: “A beer has between 80 and 100 calories, depending on alcohol, a glass of wine has 100 calories and a clear with 40 or 50 calories soda”.


  1. Avoid caloric snacks

Being on a diet does not mean you cannot go out for a snack on weekends. For Madrid, the most important thing is to take care of what you eat, and that can also be done in a snack. “Instead of some fried potatoes or almonds, you have to order some clams or a little octopus, which have ten times less calories,” he says.


  1. Avoid stress

When it is said that stress makes you fat, specialists say that stressed people and those who do not sleep at night “tend to consume more fat and sugar, because they like it more than others”. This form of weight gain has been called ‘obestrés’, according to Madrid, which is “obesity associated with stress”. To avoid this, the specialist recommends “regularity in daily life and meals, in addition to sports, which is a way of removing stress,” he says.

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