Online Schools that Offer Laptops or Tablets – American Colleges

As the universities do, also more online colleges offer free laptops to their new students. Here are some colleges that, according to develop specific laptop programs for students:

Chatham University offers new laptops to the students and also training courses in computing and free wireless all over the campus.

St. Johns University offers wireless laptop for the whole period of studying for each student at their enrolment.

Northwest Missouri State University offers free laptops to full-time undergraduate and graduate students for the period they are studying here.

Stevens-Henager offers new laptop to all new students that they keep after graduation. The laptops are provided with specific graphic design programs, additional memory and programs installed.

Full Sail University offers laptops in an own program called “Project Launchbox” that includes new Apple MacBook Pro.

Online schools that offer laptops is a model that shows the interest the colleges starts to have towards attracting students; it is not a new way to attract students and bring them more comfort and help them study. This system started 1993 and more and more universities and colleges embrace this idea.

These programs represent also one of the criteria that the future students are looking for when it comes to take a decision to go to college; among low fees, vouchers, scholarships, these programs will affect in a positive way  the decision of the student and of his parents and will certainly have an important issue in the future career. (

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