Buy Instagram Comments – Tips to improve the Engagement

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of the moment is something obvious, but what not everyone knows is that getting followers in it can be an arduous task if left to chance. Therefore, I propose a series of tips that you should know whether you have a personal or business profile, to get followers on Instagram, buy instagram comments.

Before throwing ourselves with the central issue of this post, a dilemma that more than one is in our heads, it is important that we clarify some points. First, about engagement and also that we know a little more about Instagram’s mysterious algorithm and how it works.


What are engagement and its role in Instagram

Engagement is the ability of a person, a brand or a product to create a stable and lasting bond with a given audience. Its main objective is that the user ends up “falling in love” with us, our brand, our product or our service and making a decision.

Specifically on Instagram, the engagement rates are much higher than in any other social network. Therefore, if you are or plan to be present on Instagram you should know that a high engagement rate translates into more business opportunities and better results.


How to calculate my engagement on Instagram?

Within the scope of social networks, we can measure engagement through the contents we publish and the effect they produce in our community. Specifically, to get an idea of ​​what our engagement looks like, we should focus on the following metrics:




Another type of data that can influence our engagement and that we should not neglect would be:

▪Use of popular hashtags

▪Hours of publication

▪Quality of images


Through the following formula we can calculate in a quick and easy way to calculate which the engagement in Instagram is. With it we can know what percentages of the total number of users who are exposed to my content have reacted to it.


The Instagram algorithm: the importance of the comment

Since its appearance in 2011, the operation of the Instagram social network has been simple. In the “wall” of Instagram one was with the last publications shared by the users whom he followed. That is, the results were displayed chronologically, regardless of the quality they had and the engagement generated by each publication.

A few years later, this changed. In March 2016, the social network announced on its blog that from that moment the results of the news feed would stop showing chronologically to highlight those publications that aroused more interest among users. A priori, this change was the widespread discontent of the instagrammer community.

” To improve your experience, your Instagram feed will now show the moments that matter most to you.”

The common factors to measure this “interest” become: the topicality of the publication, the relationship you have with the person who publishes it and the probability that you may be interested in that content

However, with the introduction of its new algorithm, Instagram noticed a chilling growth. In less than a year, the social network increased its number of users by 200 million, positioning itself as one of the most popular social networks of the moment.

For those who use their Instagram account personally and without any commercial purpose, this change may go unnoticed. However, brands, public figures and influencers face a new challenge when it comes to “making room” within the social network, get followers and that these are of quality: Giving with a really valuable content for these followers and get position it in the first results of the Instagram wall.

How to get followers on Instagram and improve my engagement?

Instagram is an ideal platform to work on the credibility of your business or your personal brand, strengthen your authority, create community and build trust with it, position yourself and differentiate yourself from your competition and even get traffic.

But, for all these reasons to have a meaning and work in the same direction it is essential that your presence on the social network Instagram have a firm and worked purpose. What’s yours?

Once these fundamental foundations are laid, we can focus on how to increase our community of followers and for this I propose the following fundamental practical tips. Let’s do it!


  1. Shows a complete and attractive profile

Once your purpose and style have been defined within the social network, you have to move on to the “practical” part and there is no better way to do it than through the profile information.

They say that the first impression is the one that counts and with Instagram, this saying is fulfilled to the letter. Therefore, if you start to create an Instagram account or you already have it, you have to start by creating an attractive biography that captures the attention of your audience at a first glance.

Make sure your username is appropriate and includes data such as:

  • Your skills
  • What do you do or the services you offer
  • The keywords of your sector
  • emojis
  • A url to drive traffic
  1. Take advantage of the URL of the bio

Whether you have a company account or a personal profile, this section of your biography is of vital importance. Surely it already contains (or should) the URL of the web you want to direct traffic through the platform, but have you considered “playing” with this resource?

You can modify this link every X time to redirect the traffic to your most recent contents or to those that are more popular, for example, and add calls to the action in your publications so that they click on it.


  1. Publish only once a day

The issue of how much and when to publish brings us head to those who are regulars to this social network.

Taking into account that the new algorithm values ​​the engagement over the timeliness of the publication, it is not going to be of much use to publish very often just for the sake of having current content.

In fact, publishing too often in a single day can be counterproductive since our publications would be competing with each other, with which their engagement would be much lower.

Instead of doing a second daily publication, you can choose to use the Stories that, used in addition to the “normal” publications, will help you to give a considerable boost to the engagement of your account.


  1. be more active in your Stories

There are already more than 200 million people who use Instagram Stories monthly, far exceeding the number of users who choose Snapchat.

This data shows that the Stories function is becoming (if it has not already done so) in one of the most popular functions inside and outside the social network and that is why it should not be overlooked.

In addition to being fun, Stories represent a super effective way to improve engagement. In fact, there are many users who claim to have obtained a greater engagement in their publications when combined with Stories, although the correlation between these two aspects is not proven.

Oh! And do not forget to use this format strategically. Add hashtags, locations and add value to them with all the creative features that Instagram offers and that are growing. In fact, do you know that it is now possible to highlight Stories on your profile?


New Stories highlighted

This new Stories format allows you to make the most of them to highlight different aspects of your product or your personality, for example, and leave them fixed in your profile in a strip destined for it.

You can use Stories that you believe in at the moment or that you had already shared before, since now all of them are also saved in a Stories file.


  1. Use more videos

The video is not the future … Video is the present! In fact, according to Highq, 2017 has been the year of videomarketing. There must be a reason.

Every time we consume more information in video format because we like it, it is easier to “digest” and it hooks us more easily than an image.

Many studies claim that videos contribute significantly to increasing the emotional bond with the community. And is that, if a picture is worth more than a thousand words, a video or tell you.


  1. Avoid bots or you will be penalized

Watch out! If you are thinking of using a bot as a resource in your strategy to get followers on Instagram you should know that, as indicated by the conditions of use of the social network, you will be penalized.

The renewed algorithm of Instagram is already able to distinguish real users of automated robots, so all the publications made will appear much less frequently in the feeds of your followers and will definitely not appear in the “Explore” section.

The most serious issue is that, in case you are penalized, you will not receive any notification. Therefore, my advice is to leave this resource out of your plans.


  1. Publish when your community is more active

It is good to publish when you want but do not expect to have the same results as if you did it strategically. How?

Do not leave anything to chance. Design a planning calendar taking into account not only what you are going to publish but how and when you are going to do it.

Thanks to analysis tools like Metricool, you can know with certainty when your community is most active and take advantage of those time intervals to publish. Do the test!


  1. Interact and participate in mass conversations

If you really want your community to be involved and committed, you must give them a reason to do so. The best way to do it is through constant conversation with your audience.

✔ Interact! Answer comments, do not limit yourself to giving like . Give thanks, receive and greet your new followers.

Search for new followers beyond your limits.

✔ Get out of the wall! Search for new followers beyond your profile and participate in conversations to get their attention.


  1. Curry your photo captions

That the photos have to be extremely cured is something we already knew, but the caption cannot be left behind. Be original, different and fun.

It is true that in this social network we have the handicap of the line breaks but you can manage to do it using your phone’s notes app or even a WhatsApp conversation to write your messages and with a simple “cut and paste” take them to your Instagram

My advice: Get out of the mold! If you also manage to find your own style when communicating, you will also be identified by it and who knows, maybe you think trend.


  1. Hang in the highlights section

If you access the “Explore” section of the Instagram app, you will see a lot of posts and stories of accounts that you do not even follow but that are related to the type of content you normally interact with. In this section appear the publications of accounts with a high number of likes and that, in general, have been obtained in a short time.

Therefore, appearing there will give you greater visibility and may reach many more users. But how do I sneak into this exclusive section? The idea is that you get many likes in a short time and naturally.

One of the fastest ways to do this could be through contests or sweepstakes that are capable of generating considerable participation by users.