7 tips for a healthy and delicious smoothie

When properly made, smoothies are like nutritious generators that fill you with healthy fruits and vegetables green superfood reviews. If they are poorly made, they can add to your waistline with their excess sugar, fat and artificial ingredients.


The best way to enjoy a smoothie? Do it yourself.

It’s refreshing, easy to eat on the go and full of healthy, stimulating nutrients. Whipped groceries and fast-food chains often contain aberrant amounts of sugar and fat that WebMD says provide you with “600 calories, enough saturated fat to compete with a double cheese burger, grams of carbohydrates in the three figures and we are talking here about the small portion. On the other hand, healthy whips combining good ingredients “give you a fantastic nutritional return for investment”. This was entrusted to Women’s Health magazine, the dietitian Wendy Bazilian, author of The SuperFoods Rx Diet.

Take advantage of the following tips to whip the perfect drink to water your body of nutrients without adding fat.


Healthy smoothies contain a lot of ice cream.

According to Health magazine, research has shown that people who drank dense whipped ones felt more satiated than those who consumed a lighter version, even when the number of calories was comparable! The best way to lather you is whipped without adding calories? Put in more ice.


Healthy smoothies are made of non-fat dairy products.

Whipped full of calories may contain ice cream or yogurt rich in fat, but the fat yogurt or cottage cheese gives your whipped a healthy dose of adequate protein without excess calories.


Healthy smoothies contain whole fruits.

Is your energetic whipped made of fruit juice rather than cut fruit? You are depriving yourself of a large dose of fiber that is digested more slowly and satiates you an hour after eating. Try bananas, berry mixes or apples. Frozen fruit can make your whipped creamier and colder, according to Bon Appetit , who recommends cutting peaches, plums, nectarines, strawberries, cherries and apricots roughly, then spreading them on a plate and freezing them.


Healthy smoothies do not fear vegetables.

Unless you are used to green plant juice, it may seem strange to add vegetables to your whipped. But Mike Roussell, Ph.D., tells Shape magazine, “Spinach and kale do not taste much when mixed together.” Even if they give your drink a greenish tinge, they should not change the taste too much.


Healthy smoothies contain omega 3.

A tablespoon of flax flour helps to add fiber and omega 3 antioxidants.



Healthy smoothies like good fat.

A little unsaturated fat (half a avocado, or a tablespoon of nut butter) also keeps you satiated. The key word is “a little”, otherwise you will turn your whipped into a calorie disaster.


Healthy smoothies have a sweet taste with no added sugar.

If the whipped does not taste good, it is useless to drink. But you can get that sweet sensation with light coconut milk, coconut water or water. (Be careful, fruit juices contain added sugar.) You can also mix a teaspoon or two of honey, a little vanilla extract, a pinch of unsweetened cocoa powder or cinnamon.