5 tips to make your e-commerce site more user-friendly

Starting and running an e-commerce website is not easy. So much detail is to be considered, that it is easy to neglect certain aspects essential to the success of your site. Just like a traditional shop, customers have certain expectations when they shop online. If these needs are not met, your customers may never come back to your site or worse, they may share their bad experience with others. Here are 5 tips for your customers to ask for more shopyspy.


  1. Create an attractive design and layout.

Nobody likes to go into a messy shop. It ruins the customer experience. The same concept applies to online shops. Customers want to be able to navigate through an attractive website that allows them to easily find what they are looking for. Investing time and money in a well-designed website will pay off, since customers will come back regularly.


  1. Forward all!

Seconds may seem like an eternity for customers navigating through a site. Hard to believe, but something as simple as the speed of your site can affect your sales. If your website stomps one second too much, you could lose revenue. According to this infographic by KISSmetrics, if a virtual store makes $ 100,000 a day, a one-second delay in loading a page could cut $ 2.5 million in sales per year. If your site’s speed needs to be improved, consider investing in a content delivery network (CDN) that will increase the availability and performance of the content you offer to your customers.


  1. A balance between too much and too little product.

Offering a wide selection of products can do more harm than good. You should strike a balance between offering the products your customers want and offering so many options that they cannot easily find what they are looking for. Make your customers’ work as easy as possible by providing a powerful search tool that can deliver results quickly.


  1. Your products page as a sales pitch.

Customers want the detail of the products now. A good use of visual elements such as photos and videos also helps to attract their attention. See your products page as sales pitch. You only get the attention of your clients for a short period of time, so you need to get them interested from the start and keep it all during their visit.


  1. A hassle-free checkout.

You have applied the steps above and your customer is ready to checkout. Do not push a sigh of relief again! In order to avoid abandonment in the final stages of the purchase process, be sure to highlight the shipping costs on your homepage or product page. There is nothing worse for a customer than learning at the checkout that he will pay more for shipping than for the products he buys. In addition, customers appreciate sites that offer a variety of payment methods, as well as sites that do not require an account after placing an order.