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5 tips to keep sweat from puddling your shirt

There is a physiological drawback that torments us all as the high temperatures approach: the camachos, a name that has been added to the sweat stacks that occur around the armpits since that Spain – Korea match led effusively by José Antonio Camacho .

Exactly a year ago, in the ‘Saved’ where Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera kept a tense pisapalabras, the organism of the second saw fit to emulate before the camera the former coach of La Roja. A pair of visible puddles seized the armhole of his shirt extending beyond the limits of modesty.

Although everything that was said and done in this hasty conversation seems natural , behind each word is a skilled press officer who controls both verbal and non-verbal language, and it is in this last concept that the importance of image that is projected .

If excessive sweating-caused by a fierce debate and the psychological factor of nervousness-had been taken into account, perhaps this unsightly result could have been controlled and avoided. How? Following steps as simple as those we propose below.

Armpit hair removal

If you are prone to profuse sweating, you may want to remove hair from the armpits. It is true that where there is hair there is joy, so it is also that where there is hair there is a higher temperature, which will cause us to sweat more. In addition, taking into account the composition of the sweat (more than 90% is water and the rest minerals) and applying the logic, we know that the liquid will evaporate and what will be retained in the hair are the bacteria, which are what generate the Bad smell.


At this point we should differentiate between deodorants and antiperspirants. The former control the population of bacteria, that is, the smell of sweat. The seconds reduce the amount of sweat secreted to the outside thanks to aluminum or zinc compounds. In no case is completely eliminated neither the odor nor the secretion (if these glands were completely obstructed, we could die of a heat stroke, since they also regulate body temperature), their only function is to regulate.

If you remember, a few years ago we went crazy when the urban legend ran that ensured that any aluminum compound caused cancer. “However, researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) are not aware that there is conclusive evidence linking the use of underarm antiperspirants or deodorants and the presence of breast cancer as a result of that use. In addition, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates food, cosmetics, medicines and medical devices, also does not have a research check to indicate that antiperspirant ingredients or deodorants cause cancer. ”


This is a trick of those of yesteryear, hence its name. It is an oval piece with a compress that is placed on the inside of the armhole. Et voilà! That is what sweat picks up and prevents it from being transferred to the shirt.


There was a time when people were able to remove their sweat glands in order to put an end to such an annoying physiological mechanism. However, since they discovered Botox, they are happier.

This technique, approved by the Food and Drugs Administration of America , consists in relaxing the musculature and slowing down its functioning, so that, as if it were an antiperspirant, the secretion is regulated without being lost permanently (which is when the problems would arrive).

Garments that help you

As usual, and as he has shown us on other occasions personalized t shirts for women, our wardrobe can be a great ally to hide all those flaws that embarrass us. And yes, in the case of sweat they also give us a hand hiding it.


The armhole is the lower part of the union between the sleeve and the body of a garment, just in the area of ​​the armpit. Avoid that it is too high, that is, too close to the armpit, to get rid of excessive friction and that this area is soaked.

The colors of clothes

Remember this trick: the darker a garment darkens it, the worse it will react to sweat. For example, the gray ones. However clear the tone may be, when you sweat it will acquire a nuance close to the grain that will show the secretion of your body. Therefore, avoid it as much as possible. Apply this rule whenever you are faced with the choice of a garment.


If you can wear it, the better. If you do not take it off, nobody will see the camachos that could have been produced. The lining and reinforcements of the armhole (integrated holsters) of the jacket will function as a sudorific parapet.

Inner t-shirt

Now, if the high temperatures prevent you from applying the trick of the jacket and you need to control the sweating, we will act from the inside out: put a shirt under the shirt as a “blotter”. Better if it is short sleeved, because it will cover the entire armpit.