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10 tips for the home buying adventure

You are about to buy a house? Whether financing, additional costs or price negotiation – our house purchase tips as well as our practical checklist for the home purchase prepare you optimally for this important step austin house buyers.

The ten most important tips for buying a home

A home purchase is imminent, and you start calculating: How much can I afford? What should I invest month after month? And what interest can I get? These questions occupy every budding homeowner. The calculations are an important, first step, because you want to make sure you get everything right. Then follows the concrete object search, a financing must be put on the legs, the purchase be settled.


There are many questions associated with each step. Our mortgage specialists are well aware of these issues and their home buying tips are in great demand. We asked among them and brought their ten most important pieces of advice together. With our practical house purchase checklist, we also offer a loyal companion who brings you safely through the purchase. So you are optimally prepared – your home purchase can start!

Buying Guide: You should pay attention to this

If you want to buy a house, not only the appropriate mortgage lending is important. On which points you should also pay attention, you will find in our house purchase tips.


House purchase tip 1: Calculate correctly

What interest can I get? And how much house can I afford? Our most important home purchase tip: Get an initial overview of the costs incurred. Our interest calculator will help you.


Buying house Tip 2: find additional costs

The additional costs such as brokerage fees, land transfer tax or land registry fees must be considered when financing. We tell you what additional costs incurred when buying a house.


House purchase Tip 3: Find financing

When buying a house, there is much to consider. We show you with our financing plan how to set up your construction loan with special repayment and Co. solid.


House Purchase Tip 4: Watch Interest

The cheaper your interest, the more you save on mortgage lending. Learn more about current interest rates and future interest rates to find the perfect time.


Buying house Tip 5: Press price

Often there is still room for negotiation when buying a house. We’ll tell you how best to get involved in the price negotiation process for your home purchase and how to cleverly optimize the purchase price without disgracing the seller.


House purchase Tip 6: Know procedures

First sign the financing contract and then make the notary appointment – or vice versa? We will explain the individual steps and the progress of a construction financing step by step.


House purchase Tip 7: Structured search

A house search does not have to be tedious. We’ll tell you how your search for the right home is quickly crowned with success and what role the situation of real estate plays in buying a home.


Buying house Tip 8: Insure all round

A home purchase is a big purchase. Insurance policies for real estate owners are therefore important: In addition to special insurance for the construction phase, these include, for example, the term life insurance or disability insurance.


Buying house Tip 9: House purchase tax deductible

As a private buyer, there are hardly any opportunities to sell a home purchase tax . But via the real estate transfer tax or when moving for professional reasons, real estate buyers still open up savings potential.


Buying house Tip 10: Maintain

There is always something to do at a house. It is important to create early reserves for maintenance or modernization, so that the house can serve as a pension. Alternatively, you can also support a modernization loan.